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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Choice Based Letting (CBL)?

    Choice-based letting (CBL) is a new system to be used for the allocation of social housing.

  • Who can use CBL?

    This system can be used by approved applicants only. 

  • I don't have access to the internet - what should I do?

    There is access for the public to the system in all Local Libraries and Municipal District Offices in Thurles, Tipperary and Carrick on Suir as well as County Council Offices in Clonmel and Nenagh.

  • What is the difference between CBL and the current housing list?

    Anyone on the housing list can express an interest in the CBL properties advertised but if an expression of interest is not made you cannot be considered for the CBL property. 

  • Can I express an interest in a property if I am receiving social housing support such as HAP/RAS/Long Term Leasing?

    Any one that has been approved for Housing and issued with a user name and password can express an interest in a property 

  • If I am interested in a CBL property, what do I do?

    Use the username and password that has been sent to you to check the CBL website at least once a week to see if you are interested in any of the properties listed. 

    If you see a property you are interested in you should "express your interest"

    If you do not "express your interest" we cannot consider you for that property. 

    Only those that are successful will be contacted as soon as possible by the Housing Section. 

  • What can I see on Choice Based Lettings when I log in?

    Properties that are available for letting

  • How many houses can i submit a bid for?

    You can place one expression of interest in each property displayed on the system. 

  • If I get a property through the CBL system will I be taken off the housing list?

    Yes you will be removed from the housing list as you will be adequately housed. 

  • Will the Council property be to normal standards for letting?

    Yes. The properties may be advertised before works on the property to bring it up to normal standards for letting are completed. However, all properties are brought up to standard prior to formal hand over of keys. 

  • What happens if several people are interested in letting the same property as me?

    Properties will be allocated in accordance with the Tipperary County Council Allocation Scheme. 

  • Will transfer tenants be eligible for CBL?

    Yes. Provided that you are eligible for a transfer under the current transfer policy and that up-to-date rent returns have been made on your file and rent is paid up-to-date.

  • Can I express interest in a property outside of my chosen areas of choice?

    Yes, you can submit an expression of interest in a property outside of your chosen 3 areas of choice. 

  • What if I miss the deadline for expressing interest in a property?

    Late submissions will not be taken into consideration and you will not be considered for the allocation of the property. 

  • What happens if I refuse an offer for a CBL house?

    If you refuse the offer you will remain on the Housing List but we will not accept another CBL expression of interest from you for a period of one year. (12 months)

  • What will happen my time on the housing list with CBL? Will I still have the same time?

    Your time on the housing list will continue to accumulate as normal. However, if you do not express an interest in properties advertised online, you will not be considered for them. 

  • Why is CBL being introduced?

    CBL is being introduced to give housing applicants the chance to express their interest in available properties to the Council. The process is designed to be  fair and equitable and to put choice at the centre of the allocation of properties

  • If I express an interest in a house that was taken down from the website a few months ago, and is now back online, will my previous expression of interest be taken into account?

    When a household has been put up again previous people who applied will have to express their interest again. Your previous expression of interest will not count, you must express a new interest. 

  • I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

    Should you be unable to re-set your password through the prompts on the system when you log in, please contact our Housing Section and a staff member will be able to re-set if for you. 

  • How do I know if I have been successful?

    The successful applicant for the house advertised will be notified by letter with a provisional offer. The house will then be marked as "Allocated" on the CBL system. 

  • What happens if I bid on a house and then change my mind?

    All properties are live on the system for one week. You can bid or remove your expression of interest anytime within the week, however once the week has passed you cannot withdraw your bid. 

  • If I am offered a house will I be able to view it before I make a decision?

    You will not be able to view the property before formal allocation. This is in line with the Councils current policy. By expressing an interest in the Councils property you are committing to taking the property.

  • How long do I have to express my interest in a dwelling?

    Each property will have a time frame of 1 week within which you can submit your interest. You can log in and express interest in a dwelling at any time during the week. 

  • What if I want a list of those that expressed an interest in the dwelling?

    The details of individual household applicants for a bid on a dwelling under Choice Based Letting will not be available for public release in accordance with Data Protection requirements. 

  • Why is it stating my username & password are invalid?

    Please ensure you are entering the following address into the address bar in your internet & not through Google Search Engine.  The correct website will not appear in Google Search engine.